Former special counsel Robert Mueller took a break from testifying before the House Intelligence Committee hearing in July on.

Raleigh: The new year will bring new training requirements for reporting and preventing child sexual abuse and sex.

From renewables to Netflix: the 15 super-trends that defined the 2010s – It was the decade of austerity, fracking, populism and internet lies. But not everything about the 2010s was terrible.

The same is true this month for “Marriage Story” and “The Two Popes.” Although films aren’t being released.

Now, in one form or another, more than one-third of the states have jumped on the sports.

Weimar’s Academy of Fine Art also had their eye on Gropius, who had recently distinguished himself with the Fagus shoe-last.

This year at the movies is going to be as exciting as the one that just passed by. Audience can expect more female-fronted.

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This Babushka Has Talons – It’s long, but I was due for a long train ride: a tour of southern Germany and Austria via Switzerland.

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Read stories from our series about how countries in Europe confronted their opioid problems.

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