CR Bard: Ajust™ Vaginal Bladder SlingFacing discomfort in the pelvic region during pregnancy? Here’s why – Generally, prolonged and persistent pain in the front centre of the pubic bone, in the lower back, and in the perineum (the.

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Her international phenomenon The Vagina Monologues has been published in 48 languages and performed in more.

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Girls are more likely to get UTI as their urethra is shorter, which makes it easier for the bacteria from the anus to easily.

According to the Menstrual Hygiene Alliance of India (MHAI) estimates, 36 per cent of 336 million menstruating women.


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It is an important part of a woman’s overall well-being and often our habits or the products we use can unintentionally cause.

The author of The Vagina Monologues (1996) offers an unusual perspective on abuse.

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